In the province of Imperia boasts several attractions, among which are: the Church of St. John the Baptist, known for reproduction of the Madonna di Foligno di Raffaello preserved in it, the walls with the ancient towers of sight, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Porrine with its two bell towers. Ospedaletti is also the ideal place for nature lovers, thanks to the many walks that are possible along the mountains surrounding this town.


Although its size is not very large (just over 10 square kilometers of surface and 10,000 inhabitants), Bordighera boasts a cultural repertoire worthy of a city: from the church of Sant’Ampelio, patron of the city, to the church of Maddalena preserves the chandelier given by the Queen Margherita of Savoy, the Bicknell Museum (which investigates the prehistoric past of Liguria) to the archaeological-scientific library. And yet the Exotic Garden Pallanca, with a variety of plants not known and the Lungomare Argentina, the heart of the swamp and bathing establishments.


Surrounded by greenery, among the exceptional natural beauties is the town of Vallecrosia, a charming town known for the Sanctuary of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice, which is met every year by many pilgrims. It is not the only religious center of note in this country, to visit is also the Church of San Rocco with its interior fresco, a source of study for many lovers of art. Among the places to visit in Vallecrosia are also the Saracen towers, chosen as a symbol of the city and the Song and Sound Reproduction Museum.


Moving from the sea to the hinterland, Camporosso is dominated by its beautiful parish church dedicated to St. Mark and other religious buildings worthy of note, such as the oratory of the Suffrage or the Brotherhood of the Blacks, the church of Saints Peter and Paul and the cemetery, with the bell tower and the Romanesque apse.


Called in different ways, from the “Western Gate of Italy” to the “Border City” or the “Porta Fiorita d’Italia”, Ventimiglia represents the western limit of the maple land before entering France. It is a city that establishes many relationships with the nearby Côte d’Azur and is without doubt a center with an incredible historical charm. There are many places of interest in Ventimiglia, from the Cathedral of the Assumption built on the ruins of a Carolingian church and built in the 12th century at the baptistery adjacent to the Cathedral dedicated to St. John the Baptist, the Church of St. Michael the Archangel to the Archaeological Museum “Gerolamo Rossi”. And yet, Villa Hanbury Botanical Gardens, curated and managed by the University of Genoa, and the Prehistoric Museum of the Balzi Rossi, which shows the finds found during the explorations of the 19 th century caves. Military architectures, archaeological sites, streets, parks and gardens represent other attractions of this town, considered a true historical-artistic jewel.


Dolceacqua is a municipality with less than 2000 inhabitants in the province of Imperia. The resort was awarded the Orange Flag in 2007 by the Italian Touring Club and, moreover, it is the national seat of the homonymous association formed by the municipalities. Both religious and civic and military architecture are to be explored.


All those who are going to discover Liguria can not begin their journey from the capital. Genova is in fact a city full of attractions: from the aquarium of Genoa, to Bingo, to the Galata Museum to the fun City of Children, the ideal place to bring your children. Of inestimable beauty is also the old town, one of the largest and well-kept in Europe. Among the most important places to visit are the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the Ducal Palace and the Sisters of the Rolli Palaces.
Five lands

If you decide to take a trip to Liguria, you can not stop on your itinerary a stopover in the five lands. These areas need a few days to be admired in their entirety but, if it is absolutely impossible to stop for more than twenty-four hours, it is advisable at least to take a walk along the so-called street of love.